TURING a staged case history

TURING a staged case history

Thought, life and work of Alan Turing, presented through his original documents, interviews, historical and critical in-depth analysis collected for the creation of the show TURING a staged case history, performed in Italy at Piccolo Teatro of Milan during 2012.

2014, London. Maria Elisabetta Marelli and Massimo Marchi present the genesis and development of the show at the Goldsmith University of London at the Symposium “The future of Art and Computing: A Post Turing Centennial Perspective” during the AISB-50 the Annuary Convention of the “Society for Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour”. Download del Paper

2016, Manchester. ESOF 2016 - Exploring the Turing myth - Maria Elisabetta MarelliRoberto NataliniFrancesca Riccioni, Tuono Pettinato and Richard Elwes explore the Turing myth at Euro Science Open Forum.

2017, United Kingdom. The show is quoted in  THE TURING GUIDE edited by Oxford University Press in the chapter “Turing’s Legacy” by Jack Copeland and Jonathan Bowen.

2017, Milan. Turing a stage case history wins the prize at the multimedia festival MIBART PREMIO MIBART MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL. From the motivation: “Not only avant-garde. Rather, a new horizon of expression”.